Ultimate Member keep me signed in option not possible to disable

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If you use Ultimate Member, you might have come across the issue that it’s not possible to disable the “keep me signed in” checkbox, when on the login page.

This is caused by the validation javascript in Ultimate Member, located in um-conditional.js. From each um-field class element, the data attribute “key” is retrieved. But this checkbox does not have the data attribute “key”, causing the script to fail.

I’ve noticed this bug has been reported to Ultimate Member, so it will probably be fixed in the next release, but for now, you can simply fix it by adding one line to the script.

In wp-content/plugins/ultimate-member/assets/js you can find um-conditional.js.

Look up the function


Then, after the line

var key = $dom.parents(‘.um-field[data-key]’).data(‘key’);
if (!key) return;

That should fix your problem.

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