Easy Digital Downloads is a great tool. It offers anyone the possibility the sell any type of digital downloads and is really well thought out. One of the best add-ons in my opinion is the software licensing add-on, which handles licensing, updates, upgrades, renewals and all other stuff you didn’t think of yet.

When your digital product starts taking off, you’r going to need some time to handle all the administration right. As it’s all digital, why copy paste all those data?

Moneybird is my favourite accounting tool. Originally started as a simple invoice sending tool, it’s become more and more a complete accounting tool. And it’s pretty affordable (10 – 25 euro / month, depending on your package).

That’s why we have developed an integration of Moneybird and Easy Digital Downloads. Of course you can let Moneybird handle the invoice sending if you want, but you can also intelligently let EDD Moneybird map the tax rates you use in Easy Digital Downloads to Moneybird. This will come in handy when you’re selling to a lot of European countries.

Apart from this, you can also let the plugin synchronise your sales back to a date of your choosing. So if you want to have all sales from the past three months synchronised, that’s easy! Of course, even if you have email sending from Moneybird enabled, no emails will be sent to customers that have purchased something before you activated the plugin.

Interested? Take a look at EDD Moneybird!

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