UM Mail Alerts

Automatically send a notification when a user's post on the activity feed is liked or commented...

On of the best add-ons for Ultimate Member is the Activity add-on. This is great for quick, easy user interaction. Users post on their activity wall, like each others posts, etc. But to get users to interact, they have to know someone has left a message. Ultimate Member has the notifications add-on, which gives users notifications when someone has liked a post on the activity feed. But you need to be logged in to see these notices.

That’s why I’ve created UM Mail alerts. If the user has enabled this option in their account (integrated in the Ultimate Member account page), he or she gets an email each time someone likes a post, or comments, or comments on your comment. In the email they get a link which redirects them to this post, so they can reply immediately. This drives traffic to your site, and increases interaction. It’s just more fun 🙂

  • Email based on template you can override in your theme
  • Several filters to override default texts and html
  • Integrated in Ultimate Member account so users can disable the email sending

No need to configure anything. Just activate and you’re done.

The plugin, like all our plugins, is UM2.0 compatible.

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What is included with this plugin:

  • A license that allows to install and use UM Mail alerts on a site for an unlimited period of time
  • Continuously developed: you get all new features that will be added in the future
  • One year updates and support. To continue to receive support and updates, licenses must be renewed after one year (not compulsory)
  • The license is renewed yearly at 30% discount and can by cancelled at any time in your account


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