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Complianz GDPR plugin released

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Last week Really Simple Plugins has released a new plugin together with three partners: Marbles, Abraham & de Leeuw, and ICT Recht.

While there are a lot of plugins on the market that claim to get your site compliant, it is in most cases only a small part of what is need to make your website really compliant. For example, it’s only a cookie warning. Which might not even be necessary. I also see some plugins where a user is required to accept a statement that his data is processed on the site. This is not necessary, as long as you describe what you do with this data in the privacy statement. Just like Really Simple SSL, the aim was to make this process very simple.

What most sites need is at least a privacy statement and cookie policy, legally verified and customized to your website. The legal part of this was handled by ICT Recht.

The plugin will detect if you need a cookie warning, and can also limit the cookie warning to EU visitors only.

The wizard will ask you about your website, and will scan your site for social media usage, and cookie usage. Based on these answers, the plugin will put together a legally valid privacy policy and cookie statement. Additionally you can choose to create a disclaimer, create processing agreements and dataleak reports, all of which are requirements for the EU legislation.

The 4.9.6 WordPress privacy update is fully integrated with this plugin.

Interested? Please check it our here



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