Load more button instead of infinite scroll on social activity

The social activity plugin is a great add-on for Ultimate Member, it looks great, and offers real interaction on your site between your members. Your users can add pictures, video’s, drop quick notes, etc. I’ve added the UM Tagging plugin to allow users to quickly tag each other, but other than that, it’s perfect. There’s […]

How to install your Ultimate Member add-on

Installing and activating your Ultimate Member add-on can be done in a number of simple steps. Installing the plugin and activating the license can be done as follows: download the zipped plugin via the link in the purchase receipt e-mail. Alternatively, log-in to your account page and download the zip file from there. Go to […]

Ultimate Member 2.0 compatibility

Ultimate Member 2.0 is coming, and there are breaking changes. We have now tested all our plugins with UM2.0, and made additions where necessary. In most cases the changes are limited to the way the settings are handled. If you have upgraded Ultimate Member you will notice the settings pages have changed. As a developer, […]

Ultimate Member keep me signed in option not possible to disable

If you use Ultimate Member, you might have come across the issue that it’s not possible to disable the “keep me signed in” checkbox, when on the login page. This is caused by the validation javascript in Ultimate Member, located in um-conditional.js. From each um-field class element, the data attribute “key” is retrieved. But this […]

User tagging in Ultimate Members, BBPress and comments

With the UM Tagging plugin, you can tag users from Ultimate Member in the activity feed of Ultimate Member, in BB Press, and the WordPress comments, just by typing in @ro… you can search by username, firstname, lastname, or email address. The tag will be replaced by a link to the users’s profile, and the […]

Search users on username, email address, firstname and lastname

If you want to do a search in your WordPress users, or in Ultimate Member members, (which amounts to the same thing), you would think this can be easily done with a meta_query, or with the search query functionality that is built in into WordPress. This is not the case! When creating some code doing […]

Automatically send private messages in Ultimate Member

For a project where messages had to be sent automatically to the users without additional email being sent, I’ve chosen to use private messages for this purpose. In this project when a user uploads a new file, a private message should be sent to another user. This way there is not a flood of annoying […]