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For a project where messages had to be sent automatically to the users without additional email being sent, I’ve chosen to use private messages for this purpose.

In this project when a user uploads a new file, a private message should be sent to another user. This way there is not a flood of annoying emails. Ultimate Member will send an email if the receiving user does not log in to check his private messages. This email will normally be sent once a day.

In the code where the update is received, I add this function:

rsp_send_private_message($to, $from, $message);

  * Send a private message from a user to a user 
  * @since   
  * @param  int $to   User id the message is directed to
  * @param  int $from User id the message should come from
  * @param  string $message The text message
  * @return bool             void 
function rsp_send_private_message($to, $from, $message){
  //We do not want to message ourselves
  if ($from==$to) return;
  // Create conversation and add message
  $_POST['content']  = "Automatically generated message: " . $message;
  $conversation_id = UM()->Messaging_API()->api()->create_conversation( $to, $from );;
  $_POST['content'] = "";
  do_action('um_after_new_message', $to, $from, $conversation_id );

11 thoughts on “Automatically send private messages in Ultimate Member

    1. Hi Ivan,

      this likely has to do with the way ultimate member handles roles, in UM 2.0. most roles have an added um_ before the role and therefore are different from roles in UM 1. I will look into this issue and get back to you.

        1. Hi Ivan,

          UM2 uses a different class structure, therefore the $um_messaging->api-> doesn’t work anymore. This can be replaced by UM()->Message_API->api()->. The globals can be removed as well, I have updated the article to use UM2 code.

          1. Unfortunately, the new code also does not work. Problem in the same line: $conversation_id =UM()->Message_API->api()->create_conversation( $to, $from );

        2. Hi Ivan,

          I have just tested this code again in UM2.0, and it works fine. Do you have the private messages add-on from Ultimate Member installed? If so, what error are you seeing?

          1. Yes, the latest version is installed.

            WordPress, debug.log:
            PHP Notice: Undefined property: UM::$Message_API
            PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function api() on null

        3. The error you posted indicates the private messaging plugin from UM is not activated. If you have the plugin
          “Ultimate Member – Private Messages” installed, can you check
          – if it is also the 2.0 version, just as Ultimate Member
          – if it is activated

          1. Ultimate Member v. 2.0.23,
            Ultimate Member – Private Messages v. 2.0.7, activated, of course.

            If comment out the line “$conversation_id =…”, the message comes, but it’s empty.

          2. You are right, I have found the problem: there was a typo in the code: Message_API has to be Messaging_API.

            I have update this line. It should now work!

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