The roots of Really Simple Plugins :)

Really Simple Plugins creates plugins for WordPress, with a focus on ease of use. Our most used plugin is Really Simple SSL, now used on over 3 million websites.

With our small team of three we build cool plugins that will make life easier.

Recently we have added Complianz GDPR (free, but there’s a premium version as well) to our family of plugins, which has reached 10000 active installs in only three months, which is pretty fast. We’re expecting to hit 20000 before the end of november.


Really Simple SSL is founded by Rogier Lankhorst, WordPress developer in the most beautiful town in the Netherlands, Groningen.

After having owned a restaurant for 9 years Rogier went back to development work, and discovered WordPress in 2013. After some small experiments with plugins Rogier got asked by a customer to switch a website to SSL, used an existing plugin for this, and thought he could do better 🙂

This resulted in Really Simple SSL in 2015. In 2018,  Complianz, in 2019 Zip Recipes were added to the family.

In his free time he sails and surfs at the beautiful Paterswoldse meer (lake), below Groningen, Netherlands.

Mark is our happiness engineer who won’t stop until your site runs smoothly on SSL! Mark knows his way around WordPress, SSL, and has pretty much all that can occur when moving to SSL. Besides SSL he spends his time doing Muay Thai, Fitness and listening to exotic vinyl records.